Parrotlets even though small are challenging pet birds. But if raised correctly they can make excellent pets. Important: never give a hoded dish to your parrotlet, these birds will not eat or drink from these and/or eat and die. Although there are many species of parrotlets, only three are commonly kept in captivity, the most common is the pacific parrotlet. The other two are green rumped and mexican. Although they are nippy, moody, and teritorial, they are smart, outgoing, and curious. They need to be taught not to beak at all because this could lead to agression later on. They only make good family pets if everyone interacts often.

Experience level: Intermediate

Length: 4-5 inches

Weight: 30 grams, .



Mess: low, needs cleaning at least once a week.

Children: Older children.

Talking and Tricks:Some parrotlets are capable.

Price: Bird=$100-500 (depending on species and mutation) Housing and accessories=$500 Monthly=$75

Powder alergy problems: No

Legal Requirements: None