First Aid


Accidents happen, whethere your bird is sick or injured. You can buy a smaller one online or even create your own.

First Aid Itmes

*Bandaging materials (for covering wounds)

*Cotton balls (for cleaning wounds)

*Cotton Swabs (for cleaning wounds or applying ointment)

*Gauze(For Covering and cleaning wounds; to cover burns)

*Hot water bottle, heating pad, or heat light (for warmth)

*Emergency Number Lists

*Needle Nosed Pilers or hermosats (to remove blood feathers)

*Povidine Iodine Scrub

*Scissors (for cutting bandges, gauze, strings, wrapped around a body part etc.

*Sterile Saline Solution

*Sterile Syringes

*Sterile water (to flush out wounds)

*Towel (for resraining your bird)

Talk to your vet if he/she recomends other items. These are just most commonly used items.