Natraul Disasters


Natarul Disaters can bring very bad damage and sometimes kill people and pets. I'm sorry to say this but Family has to come first. But saving your birds life is almost as important. See how to deal with floods in the Hurricane section.

Fires and Floods

Fires move very fast, get your disater prep kit run with your bird in it's carrier. Call 911. Sure loud noises can scare your bird, but a screech is better than a breathing problem then death.

Hurricanes and Tornados

I've delt with tornados in Kentucky all the time, but I don't live there anymore (we had a 6 week tornado watch I'm not even kidding!)Basements are best. Or a room in the middle of the house, like a half bathroom. Hurricanes are more predictable, but there is a possible chance of a flood. Evacuate to a safe area. In case a flood does occur due to a hurricane, get to the highest point, get pool toys or other inflateable water items.


Humans can't predict earthquakes without a warning, however some pets, such as birds can predict these. If you live where quakes are freqent. Do NOT put a cage under items such as photographs, lamps or mirrors. Place the cage away from mirrors or windows, they may shatter all over the place. Finally if the cage is on wheels, put blocks of wood or cement to stop it moving.

Disaster Prep Kit for Bird Owners

*Battery operated radio or television with extra batteries

*Dry Food and Water bottles in water proof containers for all of your birds

*Emergency phone numbers

*Extra blanets and towels in water proff bags

*Extra food and water dishes

*Flashlihgts with extra batteries

*Spray bottle to keep your bird clean or cool

*Bird first-aid kit