The miscelinous parakeets are good compainions for intermediate owners. They can really screch however.

Species include (not yet complete)

Princess of Wales



Ring Neck

Princess of Wales

princess wales

The princess of wales parakeet is stunning. It is 14 7 inches in height inches in length and weighs 110-120 grams.



The Derybyan (often confused with the mustached parakeet which has a pink chest instead). Also known as lord derby's parakeet. They are 18-20 inches in length 9-10 inches in height. they weigh 320 grams.



Although kept as pets, be prepared to know whteher your state allows this parakeet. They are illegal in some states for being considered "Pests". Also known as the monk parakeet. 11 inches long 5.5 in height They weigh 90-150 grams. A variety of mutations are avialable

ring neck

Ring Neck

Perhaps the most common misc Parakeet is the ringneck. Also known as the rose ringed parakeet. There are 4 subspecies a variety of mutations are avilable

Experience level: Intermediate

Length: 10-24 inches, depending on species

Weight: 150-300 grams, depending on species.

Dwelling: House

Noise: Moderate to loud.

Mess: Moderate, needs cleaning at least twice a week.

Children: Older children.

Talking and Tricks: can have a vocabulary and some are capable of Very Advanced tricks.

Price: Bird= Depends on species

Powder alergy problems: No

Legal Requirements: None.