Parrot Psychology

Parrot Psychology: Read this Important Information:

Most Parrots think and act somewhat like young children and toddlers. Although they can give unconditional love, they never think about pleasing you, but instead, think about you doing things to please them.

Quotes in a Parrots brain:

  1. If I like it, it's mine!
  2. If I have it, it's mine!
  3. Wow, Fantastic! She loves to hear me scream, that gives me attention, I will Keep screaming!
  4. Whoa, cool! I like that she shows off when I bite! (while you scream and yell). I will keep doing that!


Know how a parrot thinks, give positive reinforcement for behavior you desire; never reward behavior you don't desire. Never try to punish a bird, his behavior problems will multiply and he will not understand why he is being punished. Parrots only understand Mine and sometimes, they understand, or can learn to understand, No concepts. Be firm, but not strict or punitive. Got it?