Picky Eaters

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Budgies fed only seed are known to live 3 times younger, so are other birds. Sometimes smaller birds are not taught to eat other foods but don't worry, you can get him to eat.

Sometimes covering the item with seed and gradually removing it all will help. This doesn't mean you have to get rid of the seed or pellets your vet recommends but having a little more taste of the new food every day may have him think "yummy, that wasn't so bad!". Let's just say you want to feed him a banana, just put the seed, or even other treats and push down slightly. Dry foods on the other hand you can just mix till you get the dry food gradually.

Sometimes, quieting down your house can help. Birds are sometimes so sensitive to chaotic enviornments and they refuse good food and stress eat just like humans.

If he is surrounded by other birds that eat everything, this might help as well

Shish Kebeab holders are like a toy that turns into a food for a parrot. Make sure it's the right size