Poicephalus parrots, although extremely intellegent, are not as mischchivievious or curious like most other parrots. They are good family pets but need to be handled by everyone daily in order for them not to become one person birds. They vary on temperment depending on how they were socialized. They tend to have more phobias. Here is a tip, make changes slowly and make sure you get a properly tamed one. They are very affectionate.


Senegal Parrot

Senegal Parrot

Being the most common poicephlus parrot, the senegal parrot is 8-10 inches in length and 5.66-6.33o be. Minimum Cage size is 24x24x24 with bar spacing of 1/2-3/4 inch.

Other Species:

*Myers Parrot

*Jardines parrot

*Red Bellied

*Cape Parrot

Experience level: Intermediate

Length:8-10 (senegal)

Weight: 100-220 grams.



Mess:Low, but still needs spot cleaning everyday and a full cleaning once a week.

Children: Yes.

Talking and Tricks:Intellegent, but seems to imitate sounds and a few words.

Price: Bird=$500 Housing and accessories=$1000 Monthly=$100

Powder alergy problems: no

Legal Requirements: None