Sad Events


Here's a list of tragdies.

When a bird outlives you

If you have a larger bird, he might outlive you, depending on your age and his health. Try Making a will to your children or younger relatives or friends (if they know how to take care of him). You could give him to a conservation program especially if his species is endangered in the wild. Even bird clubs also try to give him to a good home. Trust funds can also be used.

When a bird dies

Loss of a loved one is difficult on almost anyone, human or pet. Recently I tried to raise a juvinille pigeon that was killed by a cat, in a week later he died and made me cry. Don't rush to get another pet, instead let your feelings be expressed until you feel better. Humans not only are sad about dead pets, pets may mourn as well, comfort them as much as you can. Sometimes before death, he may be quietly and painlessly put to sleep. This is called Euthanasia and is a hard decission for any owner to make. But your vet will talk to you about it if he's seriously sick or injured. After your bird passes away, some people bury their bird in a backyard or even at a pet cementry. Others choose creamation if they want the ashes back. Some can even take their bird to a taxidermist to get him stuffed. Have your family make the decision. Before the decision The vet might want to figure out the cause of death. Especially if you have more than one bird. Place your bird in the fridge in a plastic bag until you can figure out his cause of death. DON'T put him in the freezer. It ruins the results! Sometimes you only had one bird, but you don't know why he died. When any loved one dies, you may express however you want and how long you want, and remember, don't let others minimize your loss.