To Travel or not to Travel

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Traveling can be stressful. But if you have to leave your bird all alone while you are traveling, who will take care of it?.

Traveling with your bird

Clip your bird's wings, regardless if you currently have a pet. You don't want a lost bird or worst, lost far from home. Make sure to bring seed, pellets, treats, filtered water, enough for how long you are traveling. Make sure that the airline accepts pets. Even though pets can be put under a plane seat, I would not recommend this for a bird! Don't worry he/she will be safe in cargo that's made just for pets. When you get back in contact with you bird, give him lots of reassurance and treats and love. Some motels allow some don't check in your area

Traveling without your Bird

Getting a pet sitter is a good choice, as long as she knows what she is doing. You could even board the bird at the pet sitter's house! Another option is boarding, you could board at the vet or even a store, also make sure you know what they are doing. The place if you are going to board you're bird make sure the place is clean and free of PTFE items. If you have multiple birds you may need to pay more.